Kangana’s latest reply to Saif Ali Khan’s open letter – Nepotism Controversy

After Karan Johar apologized and Saif Ali Khan said in his defense with an open letter to Kangana, Kangana came up with a be fitting reply.

If Genetics play a role then I should have been a Farmer, not an actress: Kangana

kangana befitting reply to saif

Kangana says that Nepotism as a whole issue is not between Saif and her and it addresses issues concerning our society. This argument was made by Kangana to Saif demanding a valid explanation to the society and not just a personal apology to Kangana. She further explained what nepotism is and how it is practiced. Kangana next argued about the talent star kids have due to hereditary. She says artistic skills, discipline, Experience etc that are part of film industry cannot be inherited. She makes a point by saying if genetics play a role then she would have been a farmer and not an actress.

Kangana handles this Open Letter issue very cunningly

kangana talks about nepotism

She clarified that her response to the Saif Ali Khan’s open letter should be viewed as a healthy exchange of ideas between two individuals and not any clash. At the end she says, We all are the flag bearers of Hope.

Kangana did give a befitting reply to Saif’s letter and hope all the doubts regarding the Nepotism debacle would be cleared in the industry, hence closing the issue.

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